So, You Need A New Computer?

A computer is one of the most essential pieces of technology today. Whether it is for you studies or work, they will always have a place in every household. There are two main types of computers, the laptop and the desktop, however tablets have also becoming a suitable option. This article should help you decide which one to get.

Desktop Computers

Desktop computers are one of the most popular types of computers out there. These were the first household computers that were used. The key aspects of a desktop computer is that it consists of a Central Processing Unit along with various other peripheral devices such as the monitor, mouse and keyboard. These form the basic desktop computer, as you cannot use it if you don’t have a monitor and some sort of input medium. The main reason to choose a desktop is if you think you don’t really need the portability. They have the superiority over laptops in that they can utilize much better hardware for about the same price you would get a laptop. They are also the preferred options for hardcore gamers since the hardware can easily be modified or upgraded without the need to buy a new device.


Laptops are a popular choice amongst students and businessmen due to their portability. They come in numerous sizes so you can pick one which suits your needs. You will have to make a tradeoff between the large screen size of the laptop and the portability. Fifteen-inch laptops is the most common laptop size and should be suitable for almost any applications, including gaming. The drawback is that they aren’t as hardware packed as the desktop and the components aren’t as easily replaceable. If you still find the size inconvenient then you may want to consider a laptop with a detachable screen.


Tablets have taken a drastic step in improvement ever since their initial release. They come packed with powerful processors and hardware that lets you do most of the tasks that you could with a laptop or desktop. The main advantage of tablets is their portability. Since there are no external peripherals needed to use a tablet they can be carried in your backpack easily as they can even be smaller than a book. They also have the advantage of being e-book friendly as they are the best choice for reading.

Therefore, your choices will be limited to the above three options. However, there is still more that you will have to decide such as the model and specifications that you require.

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