The Benefits of Social Media

Social media is a widely popular internet phenomenon. Over the years, it has rapidly increased in popularity to a point where almost everyone you know will have some sort of social media account. Some of the most common social media sites are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here are some benefits for using social media.

Helps You Stay In Touch

This is one of the main advantages of using social media. It lets you keep in touch with your peers and relatives with very minimal effort. The reason why it is much better than keeping in touch via calls or texts, is that you get to share your experiences and achievements which are visible to everyone on your friends list. For instance, if you were graduating from college, you could put up a picture or status update about it on your social media network, which will be visible to everyone on your list. This lets you keep up to date with your peers and relatives without even having to contact them. Most of the social media networks do have a messaging feature as well so you can still message them if you want to.

Promoting a Business

This is another way that social media can be used. Since there is a large base of active users, it makes it easy to reach out to a large group of people without much effort. This is more advantageous than creating a website because you don’t need to spend any money to create a social media account or page. There are various useful features that can be utilized, such as creating another way to make inquiries, via social media messaging. Other advantages include being able to put up promotions and advertisements about new products with ease.


Social media can become a very good source of entertainment, when you are bored. Since it allows users to share interesting clips and images, you can browse through these to find something of interest. This could be funny or interesting videos or images. If you enjoy socializing with people and messaging them, then this is another way that it could be advantageous. With sites such as Facebook, you can make friends with other people with similar interests, without even having to meet them in person. It can also be a source of gossip as you will most likely find updates and tweets of various rumours that may be circulating.

The above three points are some of the main advantages of social media. However, it is not entirely advantageous as there are several disadvantages as well.

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