How to be independent in life in all ways?

A few tips and suggestions to get you started


Move out of home to your own place

It is nearly impossible to be fully independent when you are still living under your parents’ roof. Without a doubt, your parents love you and will not feel burdened about taking care of you. but it is this loving nature of theirs that can hinder you when it comes to becoming entirely independent in life. Make sure to save up for it first, so you don’t leave home in your parents’ expense. It’s completely alright if all you can afford at the moment is renting out someone’s annex for the moment.

Work in your own terms

Whether it is a family business you work in, or a 9 to 5 job, there is definitely the fact that if you truly want to feel independent, you must break away the chains that hold you back. If one of those chains happens to be your job, quit it to start something on your own terms. For sure, nothing guarantees that you will become a successful entrepreneur Teo Yen Koon Desmond is your idol, then you are on the right path…!


Take other’s suggestions, but make your decisions yourself

Learn to rely on yourself when it comes to making decisions. Without a doubt, humans are social creatures and rely heavily on others. But you should teach yourself to take in other people’s suggestions, ideas and viewpoints, and then make your own conclusions and decisions by yourself. This will certainly make you feel more independent in life.

Travel alone and by yourself

Nothing will make you feel more independent that having to travel by yourself. Make sure you are able to do it before you decide to test yourself. It is also vital that you make sure you will be safe. Be careful when it comes to travelling by yourself in a foreign country abroad¾especially if you cannot speak the local language. This is regardless to what gender you are.


Teach yourself to be your “rock”

Everyone has a rock in their life; that person who supplies emotional support to them when things are a little overwhelming. And while It’s natural and normal for you to depend on this person, if you depend entirely on them for your happiness or mood fixing, things can get pretty scary and ugly if they are not around when you need them. To avoid this from happening, and to make yourself more independent, teach yourself to be your own rock and mood fixer…


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