Why Mumbai is the best destination for your Vacation?

There is no city quite like Mumbai in India. Where the old and the new meet and co-exist peacefully. You have the street hawkers, the vendors and the Victorian architecture which even when juxtaposed with the skyscrapers, high-end malls and department stores are simply just exciting and wonderful to behold. The sheer amount of cultures which peacefully co-exist with one another is something truly amazing. And that’s what makes Mumbai so amazing, that it is the melting pot of so many different cultures and lifestyles but this adds to the flavor of the city instead of holding it back. So there is no place better to plan a vacation to, than Mumbai. And here a few things you need to do while you are in the City.

Visit the Gateway of India

There is no other tourist attraction as influential or as popular as the Gateway of India, the Arch Monument constructed in the 20th Century was built to commemorate the arrival of King George V and his wife Queen Mary. The gateway was used as the entry point for governors and prominent affluent people during the British rule. After India gained its independence the last British troops left the country by passing through the gateway of India. Thus the gateway has been a prominent part of India’s history and visiting the arch should be a priority on your to do list.

Visit the Powai Lake

If you happen to be staying at the best hotel powai or anywhere in Mumbai, then you need to visit the Powai Lake. The Lake is an artificial lake which is a popular tourist attraction in Mumbai. If you are interested in Bird watching then this is a perfect place to do so. A huge number of birds frequent the lake, Kingfishers, doves, Parakeets, sunbirds, Jacanas, Bulbuls and even Falcons are some of the birds that can be seen around the lake.  The lake is unfit for swimming as crocodiles do live underwater but it is still a place you must visit.

Go on a shopping spree.

Mumbai is renowned for its fashion and the availability of it at different price points. With Sarees, Shalwars, Ghagra Cholis, Kurtas, Lehengas and even casual shirts, dresses and more, you are simply spoiled for choices.   If you are interested in exquisite sarees, you could visit one of the designer stores that would custom make one as per your requirement. If you want something cheaper and less personalized, you can visit one of the many street vendors or smaller shops and purchase an outfit of your choice.

So make Mumbai your travel destination. It can be assured that you will not be disappointed.


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